Rainbow Bobble Scarf Free Crochet Pattern

Hello! Today I found a beautiful shawl connected by small colored squares. This design can be made in any size. It is easy to adapt to a sporty and elegant style by changing colors. It’s a free pattern for everyone, available right now.

The scarf is very simple and quick to make. It is a very beginner-friendly pattern. The pattern can be easily modified to obtain the desired design. Choose gorgeous shades and create your own version of the beautiful design. In the tutorial you will learn how to crochet a pattern step by step. The pattern is additionally decorated with small balls. It looks very cute and sweet. If you have a spare time, this pattern is perfect for crocheting. Good luck!

Suggested yarn: Milford Soft Knitting and Crochet Cotton

Rainbow Bobble Scarf Free Crochet Pattern is here

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